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“Women Empowered” is a ministry that invites women into a journey of transformation, building strong relationships with each other as they pursue full devotion to Jesus through friendships, studies, and shared experiences.  We all come from different walks of life but our hearts’ desire is to keep moving closer to God and the destiny he’s written for us. As we connect and share life together, there’s hope and strength in knowing we’re not on this road alone.

It’s an exciting time for Women Empowered Ministry as WE continue to grow and share God’s messages of hope and encouragement.

The vision for WE is to reach women through messages that are integrated with God’s Word, to build relationships, and to empower each one to know their worth in Christ. Thank you for being a part of that vision. It’s You & WE!

Dottie Bonventre ~ Overseer

Tracy Berner ~ Ministry Director/Speaker

Melissa Fenster ~ Assistant Director/Speaker

Tonya Seaton ~ Worship Leader/Speaker

Donna Schumchyk ~ Missions/Hospitality Director

Nita Webb ~ Community Liaison

Cookie Rodriguez ~ Encourager/Greeter

2016 America’s Keswick Women’s Retreat