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Welcome to The Journey! We hope you were blessed as you visited us. We want to take a moment of your time and let you know why we exist and our hopes and dreams for our community.

~We see a church so built on God’s grace, love and truth that it creates a hunger in each of us to study the Bible and trust His Word.

~We see a church where people are building a relationship with God instead of a religion, where hearts long to live in obedience.

~We see a church where people are growing deeper in His Word, convicted by sin and bold enough to stand for truth.

~We see a church where people are discovering their God given gifts and talents and begin to use them to bring Him honor.

~We see a church where God uses us to serve our community by giving of our time, using our finances, meeting a need, showing compassion.

~We see a church that knows God can make the impossible, possible.

~We see a church whose hearts break for the things that break the heart of God.

~We see a church that is mission minded.

~We see a church so committed to developing the next generation that we provide them the opportunity to discover God’s truth, develop a passion for His Word and give them opportunities to display His love in the church and their community through service and ministry.

~We see a church that never stops looking for the lost because God never stopped looking for us.

~We see a church where everyone is welcome and hope is offered.

~We see the church so kingdom minded that we will not worry about the cost, but pay whatever the price to see God sweep through this land.

~The church we see can only materialize when we commit to prayer and become totally dependent on the Holy Spirit and God’s Word.

~We see a church where Jesus is famous and all the glory goes to Him.

We love you and thank you for worshiping with us at The Journey.
Pastor Josh and Dottie

*CELEBRATE RECOVERY MEETS EVERY MONDAY NIGHT AT: 6:15-7:00 p.m. Share a snack/meal/dessert and fellowship in the Journey House. 7:00-8:00 p.m. Large Group Session. 8:00-9:00 p.m. Open Share Groups.
*PRAYER NIGHT AT THE JOURNEY HOUSE EVERY THURSDAY AT 7:00PM TO 8:00PM (*During our 6 Week Home Group Study, Prayer will be held at The Journey Church*)